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Optimizing the Market Value of an Asset with Multiple Potential Indications

Research and development (R&D) investment decisions may be the largest risk taken by drug developers. When a single asset has broad applicability, sponsors must perform a thorough evaluation of its scientific, regulatory, clinical, patient, and commercial elements to determine the best path forward, especially if they are positioning themselves for raising capital.

A sponsor with an early-phase dermatology asset that could have been developed for multiple indications engaged Premier Consulting to confirm which indication it should prioritize for initial development. The leadership of the company had chosen its preferred indication but, before engaging institutional investors in order to raise capital, wanted to confirm the value of the two different development programs.

Download the Case Study

This case study will answer questions like:

  • What factors should be considered when determining a product’s commercial potential?
  • How can an indication prioritization assessment build clarity, certainty, and confidence, both internally and externally, for your team and program?
  • How do commercial and regulatory considerations relate to one another in the context of R&D investment decisions?