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Our Approach

Creative Solutions to Your Most Complex Product Development Challenges

Welcome to Premier Consulting. We are scientists, researchers, biostatisticians, strategists, and innovators on a mission: helping innovative biotech companies take their best ideas from molecule to market as architects of product development and program success.

Wherever you are in the development life cycle, from raising funds and developing a regulatory strategy to patient recruitment and data analysis, we are positioned to help. As a business unit of Premier Research, Premier Consulting focuses on small and midsize biotech companies doing the most pioneering work to address unmet needs, and our specialty is finding creative solutions to their most complex challenges — often, exploring development avenues where no roadmap or playbook directs the next move. And we don’t just generate innovative ideas: We execute on them.

We understand how personally invested you are in your product and that its success means everything to you and the patient populations you aim to serve. Based on that understanding, we have committed ourselves to providing a customer service experience like no other. The relationships we forge with sponsors are authentic and personal, built on a foundation of shared goals and mutual respect. We do not just assign a project manager — you are backed by a team of professionals who demonstrate their commitment to your product in every thoughtful interaction and every timely follow-through.

No matter where in your development program you begin partnering with us, we always begin with the end in mind. Our multidisciplinary teams will take a customized approach to your program while keeping your development and business goals front and center in their thinking.

Our drug development and regulatory experts are relentlessly thorough, constantly asking why (and why not), taking nothing at face value, and being flexible enough to pivot and regroup when circumstances demand. We know biotech and understand the passion and commitment that drives our sponsors. It is what drives us, too.