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Nonclinical Services

Advance your drug development efforts faster

Premier Consulting provides a full range of solutions to help sponsors build and deliver fully integrated nonclinical strategies that get drug development programs to the clinic faster. Partner with Premier Consulting for your preclinical program and reach critical early-stage milestones on time and within budget. Our solutions include:

Development planning

Development execution

Tailored nonclinical solutions to meet your needs

Full-service solutions

Many sponsors choose to run their studies in Canada, which offers world-class nonclinical laboratories, leading principal investigators, and globally competitive pricing. Based in Montreal, Premier Partners can help you advance your program through nonclinical development and into early-stage clinical. Close proximity to these resources ensures high-touch study execution services at favorable cost.

View our infographic to learn more about the 200+ nonclinical programs Premier Consulting has supported.

Customized solutions

For sponsors with specialized needs or selection criteria, our experience working with nonclinical laboratories around the world allows Premier Consulting to identify the most suitable partner. Throughout the development process, our experts keep your program on track through a range of services including RFP management, auditing, vendor selection and management, and study oversight. Contact us to learn more about our customized options.