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Target Product Profile Checklist: Laying the Foundation for Early-Stage Assets

Laying the Foundation for Early-Stage Assets

If there is one document that encapsulates the commercial – clinical handshake it is the Target Product Profile (TPP). The core strategic framework defines and aligns commercial, clinical, medical, manufacturing, safety, and regulatory requirements. This group of key stakeholders all have an equal voice in creating a TPP. When this group functions as a team, it can create a framework that:

  • Evolves as the product moves through development
  • Articulates the unmet needs of patients, physicians, and payers
  • Differentiates and positions a product – what, why, how, when

This checklist aims to help you navigate the development of a TPP. A strong TPP can help you better navigate the product development equation of risk multiplied by cost multiplied by time equals R&D success.

Download the Checklist