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Olivier Didur, PhD

Director, Nonclinical Development

Olivier Didur is an experienced toxicologist with more than 10 years of experience at CROs, in preclinical research and development for pharmaceutical products, and in IND-enabling programs. He has performed more than 100 studies, including first compound administration for maximum tolerated dose determination, long-term administration, and DART studies.

He also has experience with multiple routes of administration, such as inhalation/intranasal, intravenous, intradermal, subcutaneous, and oral routes. He has expertise in designing and interpreting toxicology, safety pharmacology, inhalation, and toxicokinetic studies, per ICH and GLP guidelines, and a proven ability to manage studies, timelines, budgets, and multisite programs.

With deep knowledge of the scientific, technical, and regulatory aspects of toxicology and safety pharmacology, Olivier is wellversed in:

  1. Planning, coordinating, and supervising preclinical toxicology studies in drug discovery projects according to OECD and FDA guidelines
  2. Managing preclinical safety trials designing and monitoring studies, discussing findings, and reporting
  3. Industrial research workflows and regulatory assessments
  4. Regulatory (ICH, EMA, and OECD) and GLP quality standards for preclinical pharmaceutical products