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Amanda Vaccarella, MSc

Manager, Nonclinical Development

Amanda Vaccarella received her bachelor’s degrees in Biology and Anthropology from Florida International University (Miami, FL) and a master’s degree in Human Genetics from McGill University (Montreal, Canada), with a focus in developmental genetics. Her thesis focused on researching the role of tight junction proteins called claudins and related protein-protein interactions in the process of regulating neural tube closure and neural tube defects.

For the past three years, Amanda has helped coordinate and manage multiple IND-enabling toxicology programs in multiple therapeutic fields by initiating and maintaining business relationships with vendors and sponsors, finding the appropriate CROs to match sponsor needs, and ensuring proper project execution. She liaises with sponsors and vendors to ensure effective contract negotiations and timelines and provides scheduling coordination, budgetary summaries, and study outline and report reviews. She also oversees research activities with on-site study monitoring.