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Leveraging the Target Product Profile (TPP) to Maximize Breakthrough Potential

Date: March 31, 2022

Speaker: Robb Lawrence, Senior Vice President, Commercial Strategy

The target product profile (TPP) is a strategic framework and tool commonly used in the development of novel biopharmaceutical products. Unfortunately, few pharma companies identify or employ best practices when developing and maintaining a target product profile, so most are not leveraging it to maximize the commercial potential of their products.

This webinar will reveal insights and industry best practices for using the target product profile to optimize product development. The featured speaker will discuss the many sponsor benefits of leveraging the target product profile, highlighting common mistakes made at both product and corporate leadership levels across the development process and presenting recommendations to help ensure successful outcomes.

Topics will include:

  • Best practices in the design and use of a target product profile
  • Required inputs and processes for developing an effective target product profile
  • The target product profile’s role in achieving a product’s breakthrough potential

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