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Achieving Long-Term Success for Your Development Program

Advice from Industry Experts for Early-stage Sponsors, Part 1

Date: September 28, 2020

Mark McCamish, President and CEO, Forty Seven, Inc.
Ruth Stevens, CSO and Founder, Camargo
Ken Phelps, President and Founder, Camargo
Claire Noble, Marketing Manager, Camargo

Watch this on-demand webinar to hear industry veteran Mark McCamish and experts from Camargo discuss prioritizing internal team health, identifying external partners, and managing interactions with regulatory authorities for early-stage sponsors.

This webinar will answer questions like:

  • Why is an internal team’s culture and dynamics critical for success?
  • How can a sponsor align its team around a mission?
  • When should a sponsor bring in an external expert, and how can it choose the best company to support its efforts?
  • What benefits come from early and transparent dialogue with regulators?

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