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Achieving Long-Term Success for Your Development Program

Advice from Industry Experts for Early-stage Sponsors, Part 2

Date: October 21, 2020

Mike Dial, Partner, Hatteras Venture Partners
Tim Sullivan, Chief Financial Officer, Apellis Pharmaceuticals
Reeves McGee, Chief Commercial Officer, Camargo

Watch this on-demand webinar to discover how funding partners evaluate new opportunities, what missteps early-stage sponsors should avoid while seeking funding, and how COVID-19 has affected the pharmaceutical funding environment.

This webinar will answer questions like:

  • What is the funding environment for pharmaceutical development like now, and how can we expect it to change in the future?
  • What qualities do funding partners look for in the management team of a small or emerging biopharma company?
  • What is the most important ingredient in a sponsor’s presentation to a potential funding partner?
  • How should sponsors evaluate potential funding partners, and when is the right time to begin engaging with them?

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